Microsoft Word: Comprehensive Tool for Your Text Document

Microsoft Office Word is a software for text processing which is developed by Microsoft Corporation and belongs to the MS Office package. It is designed for those who work with text documents. It first appeared in 1988 and has been continuously updated since, so that its features become more up-to-date, helpful and user-friendly. The most recent versions are Word 2016, 2010 and 2007.

Wide Range of MS Word Features in One Box

Word offers a lot of features for its users to create and edit text, add design and objects, save and print out the documents. Among them are the following:

  1. Use templates not to start a frequently-used document from scratch. They include official papers such as invoices, reports, summaries, resumes, and cover letters; brochures and flyers, newsletters, templates for calendar planning and many more. You can also select one of the themes proposed for the design of your document.
  2. Add text and change its font and size, make it bold, italics or underlined. Choose any color for the text and highlight it with any color as well.
  3. Spellchecker function underlines incorrect words with red and there is also grammar proofing tool that underlines grammatically inconsistent sentences and parts of them. You can add a new notion to the dictionary.
  4. Adjust text on the page. Change interval between lines, words and even letters. Set margins, spacing and text position on the page.
  5. Add images to the text. Upload pictures from your device or copy and paste it. Adjust the position of the image on the page.
  6. Create tables and diagrams. There is also a drawing panel that allows creating schemes using a set of figures and lines in different colors.
  7. Add specific symbols, such as letters of rarely used languages, hieroglyphs, mathematical symbols.
  8. Create a macro for repetitive processes. Instead of performing the same operation again and again, automate it by recording a macro. Set up a combination of keys and press whenever you want a recorded action to be done.
  9. Collaborate on your document. A new feature supported by Office 2016 in particular that allows to share your files and work on them with teams due to Office 365 integration. Open a file from OneDrive or SharePoint, work on it and invite people for collaboration. You can track the actions of other users and watch changes in real time. The owner of the document can restrict access to it anytime.
  10. Save the document to your device and print out straight away from the program.

Microsoft Word Integrations

As far as MS Word is one of the most popular and widespread text processors, it has integrations with many programs and applications. First of all, Microsoft products interact with each other. For example, you can easily use Word in Dynamics 365 and it is supported by default by Outlook, which means that you can open files in these programs and edit them via this text processor. It works with OneDrive which allows users to save documents in OneDrive cloud storage and synchronize them. It can be integrated with other programs such as Zoho CRM to merge workflow; Grammarly to have advanced grammar checking tools at hand; PDF editor and e-signature solution such as PDFfiller.

The latter integration is useful when you have to submit some official documents, for example, tax W-2 or 1099 forms. Upload any file in DOC or DOCX format from your device or OneDrive storage, add fillable fields and legally-binding e-signature.

Pricing for MS Word Software

Word is available for PCs, with both Windows and Mac, as well as tablets, smartphones, and iPhones. Basically, there are two types of subscription: for home use and for business. Both types offer more options with different pricing and different package of services. You don’t purchase Word only, it is Office package that you pay for that includes several services.

For personal use, if you pay once, the package has only Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you want more services, there are two more packages that have to be paid annually for a set consisting of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher (the latter two for PCs only and they are not included for Mac). These packages also provide users with a list of various features and integrations with OneDrive and Skype.

For business, there are three packages as well. The cheapest one doesn’t include any Office programs at all. It provides only Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft team integrations. The rest two packages apart from Word include Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Access (for PCs only). The difference between them is in integrations: the first one has only OneDrive integration; the second one provides integration with OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.