Make Your Presentation Perfect With MC Powerpoint

MC Powerpoint is the solution, that is an integral part of the MC Office software pack, but still, it can be installed as a separate program. With it, everyone gets the opportunity to easily create a unique report, equipped by the user-friendly interface that will attract the attention of listeners and help them remember the key points of a speech. The slides, included in the presentation do not only allow showing interactive data on the screen but also help to differentiate the key points of the speech and structure them in lists summing up the most needed points. The solution works on any device, no matter it is a computer or mobile phone.

Multiple Functions for Unique Presentation Creating

MC Powerpoint is quite a comprehensive solution. It keeps a speaker on track and to make an audience focused on its main aspects. There are several most common advanced options:

  1. Possibility of adding textual data and images. With this feature, users are able to select the font and style for the text and structure it the way they need.
  2. Ability to add multimedia files, like pictures, movies, graphics, helping to create the presentation more interactive and easy to grasp.
  3. Option to insert spreadsheets, graphics, and diagrams for reporting the issues comparison, growth or fall of key features the speech covers.
  4. The pre-installed presentation layouts and designs, aiming to personalize the .ppt. There is a wide variety of choices and you can select the one that fits your needs best. Additionally, every page is formatted separately and may contain text, images or video only, or just diagrams as well as various combinations of all those items.
  5. The latest PowerPoint update provides the possibility of creating even a static or animated banner.
  6. The document is easy to be created out of the ready-made presentation.
  7. The software allows resizing images to fit them to page perfectly, rearrange slides in the order you prefer and specify the sheets height and with in accordance with the size of the screen, you will work with.
  8. The SmartArt gallery famous for helping to organize all data in the perfect and neat-looking diagram and showing the hierarchy of the date is also included.
  9. In addition to visual effects, the solution provides everyone with the possibility of inserting sound effects and audio files.
  10. Every transition between slides can also be styled in accordance with pre-installed options. This tool will make information clearer, but not overload your PoverPoint presentation with various transition types, as it will be difficult for perception.

To get step-by-step instructions on how to create a good-looking .ppt, you can watch the following video.  

What Versions of the PowerPoint are Available?

According to the official Microsoft website, the solution is available in several versions, including:

  • The software for home use.
  • PowerPoint edition for educators and students.
  • The business version of the program.
  • The variant for personal use.

Additionally, the platform works well on various devices, like iOS and Windows-equipped computers and laptop, as well as Android smartphones and tablets. Using the MC Office solutions pack you can not only create presentations but also complete W-2 and 1099 tax forms. Install the full pack of solutions and accelerate document processing with Microsoft software.