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The Office 16 Plus is a source with detailed reviews of Microsoft Office package, released in 2015 both for Windows and Mac users. This version is compatible with the OS, later than Windows 7 and Mac OS X Yosemite. The package is available at forty languages in full, and more than fifty languages partially on Windows. Mac version is represented in twenty-seven languages only.

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What We Have Prepared for You

You’ll get detailed reviews of MC Office 16. This version provides users the ability to create, edit, open various documents, spreadsheets and save them in the cloud right from the desktop (for those who has got a Microsoft account). Partially, every particular program has new numerous features, making document management much easier. Here is the short list of innovations we will discuss:

  1. The “Send as” option is added.
  2. Numerous users can edit documents simultaneously via the Office Online platform.
  3. The Researcher function now is available in Word. It Provides you with the possibility of searching for the needed term, right from the toolbar.
  4. The One Note has the ability to add videos to the user’s notes.
  5. The PowerPoint has got a handy designer bar that helps to easily manage content inside of the presentation. Moreover, text highlighting tools in the PowerPoint presentation now are the same as in the Word.
  6. This release is the first in the series, supporting the vector graphics format SVGAccording.
  7. Excel has got the import data from SAP HANA databases and SharePoint folders. Also, the possibility to connect with SQL Server Database is added as navigation hierarchy.
  8. Users are offered the data loss prevention option, that is available in all solutions, contained in the pack.
  9. The whole pack has the number of versions, and they meet the requirements of every particular customer: for home use, students, large or small business.

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